In the next part of the process we started to make and design our own mohicans for our helmets, continuing to add more tin foil and finally painting on top of them if we wanted to.



In our final lesson with years 1 and 2 we painted these beautiful cityscapes of London, counting all the bridges, buildings and attractions. Using watercolour paints is a really great way of mixing colours and showing all the change in light in the sky and across the city.


Clay Bear 2

In our second week we moulded 3D clay bears with our hands and used tools to make the fur texture on them. If you could make any animal with clay what would you make?

Clay Bear

Developing our skills with clay, we each looked really closely at parts of a photograph of a bear using different tools to make markings and textures. Finally putting them all together to look at the bear as a whole like a big mosaic puzzle.