Super-Veg The Movie

In Trotwood we produced a stop motion animation with our super-veg! We hope you enjoy it…

SUPER-VEG THE MOVIE from artblogdickens on Vimeo.



Art in early years

This term we have been learning about super heroes, some are in films and some super heroes we have in real life. One of the superheroes we have been learning about is the guide dog and so in art we have been exploring making with just words and art without sight.

Yrs 1&2 Art this week with Sara

In Yrs 1&2 we have very busy learning to mix different shades of colour, using potato prints to explore shapes in architecture and making a large New york skyline which will hopefully go on display in school somewhere.

We’ve also been making colograph prints which is great fun!

Super worm!

We’ve had such a fun week in art creating our own really big super worm. Constructing it, spray painting around it and then layering over with charcoal and chalk.

End of Term 

Hasn’t this half of the term gone fast, we’ve been making making making. In Nursery we have been bringing our books to life, making planets, stars, snails e.t.c it has been so much fun. In reception a highlight was creating a large scale wall piece using autumn leaves and spray bottles to mix colours. Finally in Picasso Club we at last finished our rainforest scene fully equipped with moving animals. We’re now focusing on producing artwork around the theme of ‘feelings’ for an art competition called Young Art which is open to all children in Charles Dickens, in years reception and above. The deadline in the 26th January, all rules and details on the website:

Sutton Hoo helmets with Yrs 3&4

This week we’ve been finishing off our masks using our design and construction skills. We’ve learned to observe detail in 2D and recreate these in 3D which is challenging but fun! ​