Making snowflakes in Reception

Today we practiced our cutting skills by cutting paper circles, folding these into halves then quarters. We then cut pieces out and used a hole-punch to make snowflakes. We glued these to black paper and then took rubbings of them. You can make rubbings of most textures – ask your children to show you.

Making friendly fish and foil octopi in Nursery

This week we’ve been making fish using textures to make ‘scales’ for them. We worked out if they were happy or sad fish and used wool to make them smile or frown. We practiced counting how many legs an octopus has and we encouraged our fish and octopi to make friends! We learned to roll silver foil to make an octopi’s leg..

Bridge-building with Reception

Today we built bridges across the span between tables in the art room. We used cartridge paper roles and tape, plus foil to decorate them.

We worked in pairs and in teams to make a continuous link across 5 tables. We watched a 3d animation of a bridge being built and discussed what made it strong.

We had good fun whilst continuing to develop our motor skills, designing and 3D awareness. Do try this at home – you can also use things like spaghetti and marshmallows or toothpicks and jelly-babies. It’s a great way of learning about basic technology and engineers/designers/artists all start somewhere.

Making frottage pictures of bridges in Reception with Sara.

Today we carefully glued paper straws to card to make pictures of bridges and added spaghetti for finer lines. We then put paper on top and rubbed over the top with a graphite stick. It’s a good way of learning about design, mark-making, pattern and also how to hold scissors properly.

We looked at a couple of films of bridges being constructed, which were speeded up,

so that we could get a sense of how big a technical feat they are.

Try the straw and spaghetti technique at home – you’ll need lots of glue and card to stick to – cut up cereal boxes are a good option.